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The Water Pro Pod takes your painting to a new level!

The original Prodicer Water Pro Pod is a combination of paint cup, brush holder and paint pot holder and is perfectly tailored to miniature painting in tabletop and role-playing games.

Tip : To make the 3D printed mug 100% waterproof, we recommend spraying or brushing a waterproof varnish, primer or paint on the inside!

  • The extra large base avoids accidental tipping of the painting cup
  • Divided water reservoir for separating dirty and clean water
  • A horizontal brush tray for quick brush placement
  • Central color mixing palette for mixing the colors
  • 2 paint cup holders (ø 33mm)
  • Brush scrapers on the bottom (coarse) and the side walls (fine)
  • "Brush sharpeners" in different sizes
  • 8 vertical brush holders in different sizes. Also suitable for pipettes.

Dimension (approx.): 151 x 134 x 100 mm

...per your game...

Important NOTE

This product is offered exclusively as a digital download (.stl) for 3D printing (FFF/FDM). The files will be available for download once payment has been confirmed.

This file is for personal use only. Commercial use or duplication is prohibited!