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With our DeBuff Pro Token, skills, effects, buffs and debuffs can be visualized on your units and therefore offer you and your teammates a significantly improved overview.

The Prodicer tokens have a unique color coding:
  • Buff = Blue-Green
  • DeBuff = Red
  • Neutral = Iron Gray

Here you can put together your own token set individually. You can find a complete overview in the table below.

Individual tokens: If the tokens you want are not included or you have special requests, please write to us.

  • 1x DeBuff token
Compatible accessories
Overview of (de)buff tokens
tokens Description Type
+1 a Attack +1 Buff
+1 AP Armor piercing +1 Buff
+1 chg batch + 1 Buff
+1 D damage +1 Buff
+1 D damage +1 DeBuff
+1 load leadership +1 Buff
+1 render Ren +1 Buff
+1 p Strength +1 Buff
+1 Sv Saving throw +1 Buff
+1 d Toughness +1 Buff
+1 to hit To Hit +1 Buff
+1 ToWd To hurt +1 Buff
+1A +1S Strength & Attack +1 Buff
+1Ad&Ch Advance & charge +1 Buff
+1S +1T Strength & Toughness +1 Buff
+2 chg batch + 2 Buff
+2A +2S Strength & Attack +2 Buff
+2Ad&Ch Advance & Charge +2 Buff
-1 A Attack -1 DeBuff
-1 AP Armor piercing -1 DeBuff
-1D damage -1 Buff
-1D damage -1 DeBuff
-1 ld leadership-1 DeBuff
-1 p Strength -1 DeBuff
-1 Sv Saving throw -1 DeBuff
-1 d Toughness -1 DeBuff
-1 to hit To hit -1 Buff
-1 to hit To hit -1 DeBuff
-1 ToWd To wound -1 DeBuff
3++ Invulnerable save 3++ Buff
3D6Cast Cast with 3D6 Buff
4++ Invulnerable save 4++ Buff
4+MW Mortal wound save 4++ Buff
5++ Invulnerable save 5++ Buff
5+++ Feel no pain 5+++ Buff
5+MW Mortal wound save 5++ Buff
6++ Invulnerable save 6++ Buff
6+++ Feel no pain 6+++ Buff
6+MW Mortal wound save 6++ Buff
6s MW 6's Mortal Wound Buff
6sAutoWd 6's Auto Wound Buff
Adv&Chg Advance & charge Buff
advance Advanced Neutral
Cnt Full Count as Full Buff
covers In covers Buff
CPgain Gain command point Buff
Exp 6 explode 6 Buff
FallBack Fall back Neutral
FightFirst fight first Buff
FightLast Fight last DeBuff
hover hover Neutral
moved moved Neutral
NoCover No covers DeBuff
NoFallBk No Fall Back Buff
NoInvSv No invulnerable save Buff
NoOverw No overwatch fire DeBuff
Obsec Objective secured Buff
ReR hit Reroll to hit Buff
ReR Hit1 Reroll 1 to hit Buff
ReR Wd Reroll to wound Buff
ReR Wd1 Reroll 1 to wound Buff
station stationary Neutral
token 1 Generic token 1 Neutral
token 2 Generic token 2 Neutral
token 3 Generic Token 3 Neutral
token 4 Generic token 4 Neutral
tokens 5 Generic token 5 Neutral
TraToHit Transhuman to hit Buff

...per your game...

Dimension (approx.): 30 x 10 x 2 mm

Colour: Blue/Green - Light Grey, Red - Light Grey, Iron Gray - Light Grey

Material: PLA (3D printing). Do not store above approx. 50°C! Product can deform!

Delivery time: 3-5 days

    Important NOTE
    Danger! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Danger of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed.